What to expect from a Reflexologist
Your Reflexologist will have a recognised qualification and be a member of a professional body such as Int. Fed. of Reflexologists. Your therapist will treat you as a “whole” person, respecting confidentiality and will adhere to a proper code of ethics. Practitioners will have public liability insurance which you are free to ask to see.
They will not diagnose (although they will be able to tell you where there may be a problem in your body) nor will they prescribe medicines. They will not treat you for a specific health disorder, or alter any prescribed medicines and treatments that you are currently receiving.
Reflexology is an ancient holistic therapy and is based on the principle that ‘reflex’ points found in the hands, feet, ears correspond to the organs, glands, structures of the body.
Your reflexology therapist will at your first session need to understand about your past health and any medication that you take. They will also review your lifestyle. Only after that will they move onto the practical aspect of a reflexology treatment which will involve them using their hands to stimulate, in a very specific but relaxing way, all of the ‘zones’ in both of your feet (or hands)  They will do this whilst you are lying down in a relaxed comfortable position. Most people feel a difference after their first treatment. Some feel energised others feel very tired but whatever happens it is your body beginning to  respond to the opening up of ‘energy’ blockages within itself. (Here is where Eastern and Western medicine meet)
You may experience painful areas in your feet as the reflexology is applied. This is a perfectly normal response and indicates where in your body the ‘problems’ are centred.
Having said that, many of my clients are so relaxed that they sleep during the session.