Before any treatment can be advised it is vital that we carry out a proper clinical examination of the injury that has been sustained followed by an assessment of the extent of that damage. The treatment modality would then be selected from those for which both qualification and public liability insurance is held.

We use traditional manual therapy techniques which incorporate joint mobilizations, classical massage, remedial exercise and advice, soft tissue manipulation e.g.– STR, MET (which may incorporate isolated muscle stretching) ,NMF, also hot hydrocollator pack application and protective taping and strapping. We can also supply a wide range of supports and orthotics.

In cases where rehabilitation is necessary to restore fitness we offer supervised rehab. programmes along with prescribed home treatment exercises.  All progress is monitored by follow up appointments until a satisfactory level of fitness is achieved.  This covers maintaining cardiovascular fitness by both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, along with core stability training.  Where necessary referrals are made to other practitioners such as GP (who may onward refer or refer back to our clinic), osteopaths/chiropractors, podiatrists, or other suitably qualified and experienced therapists as well as your coach/trainer.

Testing stability of knee joint

rehabilitation role of sports therapist

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