It is essential following an injury that the tissues are managed properly as they repair.  Failure to do this can contribute to a reduction in performance and may be the main cause of a repeat of the injury at a later stage.

Rehabilitation involves regaining the strength, power, range of movement and ease of movement of the involved tissues along with regeneration of proprioception and sport specific skills that will have been either lost or deteriorated from the time of the injury.  Incorrectly treated soft tissue injuries will result in an increased formation of scar tissue.  The more scar tissue that is allowed to form the weaker will be the repair.



It is essential that any new tissue that is laid down is done in such a way that the fibres are encouraged to line up with the surrounding tissue orientation.  This is very important where ligament, tendon and muscle damage has occurred.  Because of this the choice is made between eccentric and concentric treatment.

At certain stages of the healing process changes are made to the rehabilitation regime for example from open chain to closed chain kinetic exercise.  The stage that all competitors are looking for is to be fit to play’ this follows reaching fit to train’.  It is our aim to reach fit to play in cooperation with your trainer/coach in the best possible time.

This often depends on you.

‘Positioned’ exercise  of rotator cuff muscles in shoulder rehab.

Injury treatments role of sports therapist